Men Build – Women Destroy


Why is it that *all* successful societies in the history of mankind have been patriarchies? Why have there not been any matriarchies that managed to prosper beyond the level of a primitive tribe? This *is* an ugly truth. But it is true nonetheless. And if we want to save our brethren we need to deal with this issue, and soon. In a nutshell: It is men that are the true drivers of any human society.

Women – by their nature – are consumers and natural socialists while men are producers and natural entrepreneurs. Think about it. Since time immemorial it was men who ventured out of the cave and *brought home the bacon*. It was men that braved hostile predators and foes as well as the merciless elements themselves to support and sustain their families / their tribe.

Women assisted┬átheir men, it is true. But all things considered, they still consumed far more than they produced. This due to biology. A woman has a womb whereas a man does not. A (fertile) woman is valuable in ways that an average man is not. Women are *human beings* – valued for their very existence as the producers of the next generation – whereas men are *human doings* – mere tools devoid of any intrinsic value and often considered inherently expendable.

So if men are mere tools they have to prove their value to their tribe. This they do by producing and creating things, basically everything. They produce the food their tribe eats. The manufacture all required utensils of tribal usage. They forge, invent and develop all things that propel their tribe into the future. It was this way 20.000 years ago and it still is like that even today.

For this to happen, however, men must be invested in said society. Nothing destroys a society quicker and more thoroughly than men becoming apathetic and withdrawing from the greater group. Crudely put, men need incentives to invest in society. Force alone – history proves – is inferior to any society that is able to harness men’s power through voluntary participation.

So what is this magic pixie dust that makes men build civilizations? Simply put, it is sex or to be precise: sex, relationships, and procreation. Men care about sex. It is one of their most primary motivators. Once they have sex with a woman they mate bond with her. That is they start caring about her welfare in ways they did not beforehand (infatuation/love). Sex also leads to children. Once children enter the scene, the equation drastically changes. If a man has reasonable assurance the children are his he will see himself as having a stake in society. He will care *for* society. He will work tremendously hard for the welfare of his family and his tribe, believing to thus secure the future for his own offspring.

So why does he not do the same in a matriarchy? Well, in a chaotic und unregulated natural society most men do *not* get to have sex. In a savage society (aka a matriarchy) men compete with other men – often violently – and the winner gets the woman. Due to the polygamous nature of men and the hypergamous nature of women this chaotic situation leads to a sexual polarization between a few male haves and many male have-nots. So a few men get many women, while most men logically have to make do without any woman.

Obviously, this majority of males who have no mates have a correspondingly minimal societal investment. They literally do not care and in fact, actually welcome such a society’s demise. They also don’t work much and prefer to take things easy. And why not? What reason do they have to work hard? They literally have no future, no stake to worry about. Examples from our present day and age would be the video gaming scene, MGTOW and street hoodlums.

The genius of monogamous patriarchies is that they provide – through social constructs such as marriage traditions – a framework with which to tame and productively channel human sexuality. It provides most men with a woman and most women with a man. It takes the awesome (and potentially destructive) sex drive of men and channels it into productive activities (hard work for the family). It restrains woman’s capricious and inherently self-destructive sexual nature, preserves her virginity until marriage and thus ensures that when she does marry the resulting bond with her spouse will be nigh unbreakable and the family unit subsequently stable.

It is thus unsurprising patriarchies eat matriarchies for breakfast. In the history of humanity, this has happened uncounted times. The end result has *always* been the same. Matriarchies lose and are gobbled up by virile (and belligerent) patriarchies. And *we* as the West used to be robust patriarchies. Only we have allowed ourselves to be corrupted and twisted into dysfunctional and perverse matriarchies.

If we want to save the West we *must* regain our masculine mojo and re-masculinize our respective countries. We need to reinstate our tried and trusted mores of auld. We need to purge ourselves radically from all the poisonous teachings of modernity, equality, feminism and liberalism.

Only then has the West a chance to survive this century. Only then the *Light of the World* might shine again.